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Valkeakoski office

Our Valkeakoski office is located at the town center of Valkeakoski, opposite the bus station in the second floor (with elevator). There is free parking space near the building, although it may be crowded on busy weekdays.

Valkeakosken toimistomme on avoinna vain ajanvarauksella.

Asianajotoimisto ACTAS Oy
Apiankatu 3, PL 66


Tel. 010 548 6062
Mobile 050 377 9861
Fax 010 548 6061

Reachability services only function in our 010 numbers. Call rates are as follows:

  • When calling from a mobile phone 8.35 cents/call + 17.17 cents/min (VAT 24% included)
  • When calling from a landline 8.35 cents/call + 6.00 cents/min (VAT 24% included)
Asianajotoimisto Valkeakoski
Asianajotoimisto ACTAS Oy, Valkeakoski