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”Arguments argue; not people”

This is our belief when it comes to dealing with contradictory issues. Attorneys’ task is to help their principal to resolve conflicts rather than create new ones. Quite often conflicts are resolved in a manner similar to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle; pieces representing different opinions and points of view are matched and fitted to their place.

Sometimes what provides the client with a justified benefit may be a quick compromise of contradictory opinions not a court decision declared several years later. The best solution is assessed individually in each case. Due to ongoing training and specialized knowledge an attorney has the capacity for evaluating the measures necessary for the case and suggesting the juridical pathway through which it is most appropriate to approach the issue at hand.

Mika Allén, asianajaja, varatuomari Lempäälä

Asianajaja, osakas, OTK, VT

Antti Malinen, asianajaja varatuomari Nokia

Asianajaja, osakas, OTM, VT

Risto Tuori, asianajaja, varatuomari Sastamala

Asianajaja, osakas, OTL, VT

Asianajaja, VT, OTM