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Tampere office

Our Tampere office is located in the Tammela area, a five-minute walk from the railway station at the corner of Peltokatu and Väinölänkatu (second floor, no elevator). The nearby streets usually have plenty of parking space. A parking fee is charged from 8–16 Monday to Friday.

Asianajotoimisto ACTAS Oy
Väinölänkatu 1 A


Tel. 010 548 6060
Mobile 050 377 9860
Fax 010 548 6061

Reachability services only function in our 010 numbers. Call rates are as follows:

  • When calling from a mobile phone 8.35 cents/call + 17.17 cents/min (VAT 24% included)
  • When calling from a landline 8.35 cents/call + 6.00 cents/min (VAT 24% included)
Asianajotoimisto Tampere
Asianajotoimisto ACTAS Oy, Tampere Tammela