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Asianajotoimisto ACTAS Oy

Asianajotoimisto Tampereella

We serve our customers in legal matters in four different locations. Our offices are located in Tampere, Sastamala, Valkeakoski and Lempäälä (Ideapark).

Our personnel consist of professionals with a total of over 40 years of diverse experience in the legal field.

We are specialized in legal matter on all levels of society; our customers include private citizens, municipalities, and joint municipal authorities as well as small to midsized enterprises. The services we provide for citizens are typically connected to family law and the law of inheritance, litigations, and different kind of documents such as testaments, estate inventory deeds, powers of attorney concerning supervision of the interest of another party, contracts etc. For companies, we offer services such as corporate reorganizations, litigations, and other legal services connected to corporate contracts and business operations. We also offer our services as executors, trustees, and administrators.

We serve our customer competently, friendly, and flexibly – all of our assignments are equally important to us.

We work with / handle assignments especially relating to the following areas of law:

family & inheritance

Living & building

Traffic & transportation

Criminal cases

Bankcruptcies & clearances

Compensatory damages & consumer matters

Corporations & contracts

Mika Allén, asianajaja, varatuomari Lempäälä

Attorney, partner, Master of Laws with court training  

Antti Malinen, asianajaja varatuomari Nokia

Attorney, partner, Master of Laws with court training

Risto Tuori, asianajaja, varatuomari Sastamala

Attorney, Licentiate of Laws, Master of Laws with court training

Master of Laws with court training